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Duelling Pianos

An Award Winning Show
Established 2009

Wedding Entertainment PianoFactor's experience in the wedding industry will shine though on your big day! A professional and fun, request based, Duelling Pianos Show that will have you and your guests singing and dancing the night away.

Parties & Functions Book us for your Birthday Party, Charity Ball, Bar Mitvah, Private Party, Social Function or Anniversary Party. PianoFactor Duelling Pianos will have your guests feeling a big part of something very special.

Corporate Events Providing you with an evening of interactive entertainment and party games, PianoFactor Duelling Pianos will create an atmosphere so electric that even the toughest CEO will find it impossible not to join in.

What is it that makes Duelling Pianos so special?

ragtime piano

Over 100 years ago, competition among ragtime piano players spawned memorable "duels" in saloons that pitted one piano player against another to see who could play faster, better and more creatively. These early "duelling piano" rivalries became so popular that entire vaudeville shows began showcasing duelling piano entertainers who added singing and joke-telling to their amazing repertoire.

PianoFactor wants to thank these early duelling piano virtuosos for providing the background necessary that has allowed us to do what we love best-entertain our audience with the incredibly energetic, incredibly fun and always unforgettable musical jubilee provided by our Duelling Pianos show.

Established in 2009, PianoFactor has rapidly grown into one of the most successful event entertainment businesses in the UK. Owner of PianoFactor Carl Williams has performed in the U.S. with other duelling piano shows and is consistently ranked as a world-class piano entertainer with the ability to instantly engage and enthrall all those attending a PianoFactor celebration. PianoFactor's duelling pianos and talented piano entertainers transform any event into a joyous time that will delight both young and old.

We create our shows according to the customer's wishes and offer an eclectic variety of musical styles to accommodate happenings as varied as stag and hen parties to corporate get-togethers or charity functions. PianoFactor's duelling piano shows add romance and passion to weddings, festivity to bar/bat mitzvahs and joyous exuberance to engagement, anniversary and graduation celebrations.

Since our main focus is entertaining and engaging the audience as much as possible, we gladly take requests, encourage audience participation in shows and always provide one of the most entertaining duelling piano shows available in the UK. No other show offers the perfect solution for turning a simple gathering into a spectacularly exciting and lively event that everyone will be talking about long after the show is over.

ragtime piano

When you need an instant entertainment package that is guaranteed to make your event an unforgettable experience for all those attending, contact PianoFactor to find out how to book one of our electrifying duelling piano shows for your upcoming soiree.
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