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Our Duelling Pianos Show is the perfect alternative to a function band especially if you are looking for wedding band hire that will impress! Regular Function bands tend to have a limited of number of songs that they can play, the nature of the way that duelling pianos works and is setup, allows our piano entertainers to play pretty much anything requested.Before each PianoFactor show, request slips are provided and put out on the tables. The guests can fill them in and bring them up to the pianists and very shortly will hear their request played live by the band.

Our entertainers have travelled the globe entertaining audiences in piano-bars, on cruise ships and all manner of venues, parties and functions, their repertoires are huge and always kept up to date. Putting two entertainers on the same stage allows PianoFactor to have an almost never ending repertoire of songs. This is something to bear in mind when choosing a wedding band, can they play what we want? If you book PianoFactor then the answer is obviously YES!

PianoFactor are a well-established live band that specialise in wedding band hire. With years of experience, their performances are hugely entertaining and truly excite the guests at any wedding reception with their incredible Duelling Pianos request show. Everyone will be up on the dance-floor getting down to their favourite tunes. With PianoFactor you can be sure that the entertainment will be a huge part of your wedding day that will remain a talking point for years to come. On the evening of your wedding, PianoFactor will deliver a sparkling night of musical fun with dazzling talented musicians and an electric atmosphere - you will know you have made the right choice.

So expect an evening of blisteringly fun and professional entertainment, lots of singing and dancing and also expect to have the time of your lives joining in with the incredible show that PianoFactor will put on for you!

Duelling Pianos Concept

A question we get asked a lot is: Do we need a band as well? - In Short "NO!"
PianoFactor are a band and probably the most lively entertaining and fun band you will ever hear. You will not believe the sound that comes from this compact and very minimalist setup.

Just as an example, we performed at a large Corporate Christmas Party last year, they had two separate function rooms, each with a bar and entertainment. In one room was a 13 piece Function band (A very good and well known function band) and in the other - PianoFactor. By no more than an hour in, every single guest had poured into the one room to see PianoFactor - It wasn't too long before 13 disgruntled band members also popped by to have a look what was going on!

The entertainers take it in turn to perform songs normally requested by the audience, these can be any style or genre. This makes the night so individual for each venue or event as the guests generally decide what music to play. i.e. if the crowd is really up for dancing all night, the requests will indicate this and therefore the style of music will be exactly to the guests liking. Experienced entertainers would have at least a thousand songs or more in their repertoire thus making the show extremely versatile.

A common belief is that the piano entertainers battle it out, trying to out do each other on stage. This has an element of truth in at as there are songs where the duelling pianists will show of their skills in a duelling pianos face off but the main battle is really to win over the audience. Often the entertainers will divide the room and get their side of the crowd competing against the other in a "who can sing the loudest" routine. Behind all the fun and games however you will find incredibly talented musicians with a wealth of experience and a vast knowledge of songs really producing some stunning music!

Duelling Pianos
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