What is Duelling Pianos?

Piano music is loved by all. Wether it be at an Elton John concert, a rock and roll piano-bar or a hotel lobby. It is an instrument that everyone is drawn to no matter what their demographic. Our drummer went to see a Take That concert, Gary Barlow came out on stage on is own. He sat and the piano and said - 'the bands not here yet, do you fancy a sing song?', literally everyone was ready to sing a long (and they did!). The Piano is a beautiful instrument and it has this magical power to draw people in.

Take that magic and multiply it by two and you have Duelling Pianos. With two pianos on stage and two entertainers leading the band, the possibilities are endless. The entertainers will perform your requests that you have written down. You will get to hear all the songs that you love. But don't just think Piano! Duelling Piano Entertainers can play pretty much anything. From Ed Sheeran to Daft Punk and Bruno Mars to Bon Jovi. Lady Gaga to Beyonce, not forgetting Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis and Little Richard. The Rolling stones, Paul Simon, and ABBA. The list goes on and on AND ON! Duelling pianos performers have huge repertoires and really can satisfy everyones choice in music.

Our Piano Show

PianoFactor take Duelling Piano Entertainment to the next level. Our musicians and entertainers are hand picked and the best in the business. Our show is truly interactive and we aim to get all the guests involved. With Global experience our team is second to none. We strive for perfection and we want to see every person in the room having the time of their lives. This applies to EVERY event that we do.

Our sound and lighting system is fantastic allowing us to perform at events of any size. Our Custom White Baby Grand Pianos are kept in pristine condition and look stunning in any setting. We work as a full time business at a professional level. Rest assured you will be more than happy with our service from start to finish.

Whatever your event may be, Piano Factor will provide you with an unforgettable night of music. The magic of our entertainers on two pianos will have everyone wanting to join in. With this awesome show backed by our fabulous team of musicians, you are in for a real treat!

How does it work?

The Duelling Pianos concept is based on audience requests. The idea is that everyone gets to hear the songs that they love. We provide request slips and pens. These can be put out on the tables for the guests to request songs. The guests are welcome to come and hand their requests to the entertainers on stage. We encourage the guests to do so as this is a good icebreaker between the audience and the band.

Usually there are many requests waiting for us on the pianos when we take to the stage. If this is not the case then we will open the show with some great floor filler songs to get everyone up dancing. We will then explain to the guests about the request slips and that they are welcome to bring them up to us. Before long we will have many requests slips in front of us and as we are performing. We will sort through the requests and put them into some sort of order. This way we can keep the flow of the event going and keep people singing and dancing. We encourage the audience to join in on well known songs. Getting the guests to sing out familiar parts in the songs that we perform.

Although the name Duelling Pianos suggests a Piano Battle, this is not really how it works. The entertainers will often try and out perform their partner using their piano skills. It is mainly involves the entertainers working together to create an exciting atmosphere for the guests. You may also find the entertainers swapping pianos or performing together (four handed) on one piano.


Over 100 years ago, competition among ragtime piano players spawned memorable 'duels'. Based in saloons that pitted one piano player against another to see who could play faster or better. Duelling piano rivalries became so popular that entire vaudeville shows began showcasing these entertainers. They added singing and joke-telling to their amazing repertoire.

We would like to thank these early duelling piano virtuosos. For providing the background necessary that has allowed us to do what we love best. To entertain our audiences with the energetic, fun and quality Musical Entertainment.

Established in 2009, Piano Factor has rapidly grown into a successful event businesses. Owner Carl Williams has performed around the globe with other duelling piano shows. A world-class piano entertainer with the ability to instantly engage and enthral all those attending.

Piano Factor can transform any event into a joyous time that will delight both young and old. We create our shows according to the customer's wishes. We can accommodate events as varied as Weddings, Private Parties, Corporate Events or Charity Functions.

Our main focus is entertaining and engaging the audience. We gladly take requests and encourage the guests to join in. Piano Factor provide the most entertaining duelling pianos show available in the UK. The perfect solution for turning a simple gathering into a spectacular and exciting event. High Energy Entertainment that everyone will be talking about long after the show is over.


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Duelling Pianos

With years of experience in the entertainment industry, PianoFactor will deliver a dazzling performance and an electric atmosphere to be enjoyed by all!

Top Musicians

Our musicians are world class, they have experience, huge repertoires and an amazing ability to get the audience in the palm of their hands.

Audience Interaction

Our entertainers involve the audience throughout the performance. This flamboyant and energetic show is perfect for Corporate Events.

At my fiftieth PianoFactor got the place rocking! Everyone was on the dance floor!
Roger M.
Every question was answered, nothing was too much trouble and their performance was out of this world!
Susan T.
They were absolutely fantastic and had the dance-floor jam packed through all three sets. They were funny, entertaining and very professional. Carl is great and Vanessa and Tom were amazing too.
Teresa J.
Having seen them fill the dance floor all afternoon and evening at a wedding where I was best man. I was confident that they would do the same for the 200 or so people that came to my party - I was not wrong!
Roger M.
The guests were dancing all night and I have never heard so many people singing along with the music at an event before. Everyone was raving about them for weeks afterwards.
Sue A.
Brilliant band - interacted with the party goers on the dance floor and got everyone up boogying irrespective of age
Mandy H.
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