Wedding Planning

Wedding Planning: 12-Month Guide

The big question was popped and you said yes! Once the excitement has subdued a little, the next step after accepting the proposal is planning for the wedding. Wedding planning is a long process that needs to be thought through carefully. There are different aspects to planning your wedding and some important elements that need to be included. The team at PianoFactor understand the stresses associated with wedding planning and have come up with advice on planning a wedding in the form of a 12-month guide. Here are the different things are important to remember when it comes to planning your wedding.

Before the planning begins

After saying yes, it is important for you to remember that it is your wedding. Even if you decide to include your close friends and family in your wedding preparations, the wedding is supposed to have you and your fiancée as the main stars. Plan your wedding putting the interests of your other half in mind so you can both share in the joy of your celebration.

12 months to go

Wedding date and Venue

One year in advance, you should be deciding on the date and the venue of the wedding.

wedding venue

When it comes to the date, you consider your budget and the availability of your guests. The weather is important when deciding on your wedding. Some couples want a spring theme wedding while others prefer one in summer or winter. When choosing the date, you consider the day of the week. Weddings are more expensive if they are done over the weekend and often a more affordable option is to have a wedding on a weekday, preferably Monday or Thursday.

It is important to start looking at venues as soon as possible. Looking at venues in advance will give you an opportunity to view different places and decide on the best venue. The venue should be big enough to handle the guests who will come to the wedding. You will get to book the venue in advance since the popular wedding spots often get booked by other couples. Booking in advance will ensure you have your wedding at your ideal spot. Visit the place and find out how it feels so you can have an idea of the things you will have to add.

At this point it is important to consider the wedding entertainment as not all venues allow live music or amplified music. The choice of the venue has to consider entertainment so that you can have sufficient space to accommodate it since it is one of the most significant elements of your wedding. Ask friends, ask family and ask Google about finding the perfect wedding entertainment for you!

TIP: Before booking the venue, make sure that the entertainment/band/DJ you have in mind are available for you chosen date and ask them to pencil you in.

Once you have decided and agreed on the wedding date and venue, it is time to discuss the wedding theme. Every bride has the idea of a perfect wedding in their minds. You should discuss with your partner on the theme of the wedding as it will contribute to the decorations and even the dressing options.

11 months to go

Book your Entertainment

Entertainment is vital at every wedding and depending on the kind you want; you will have to book your Wedding Band/DJ well in advance if you want the best. Professional wedding bands are getting booked up many months in advance.

Talk to your entertainment provider about putting a complete package together for you. Entertainment brings the entire day together, guests can enjoy the music while the bride and groom have their pictures taken, cocktail music during the champagne reception and of course the entertainment for the evening where everybody (including the bride and groom) get to let their hair down.

The first dance is important to the newly married couple as the song played is one that is chosen by both of them, and it brings out something special. A good tip is to let the wedding band know your first dance song choice well in advance so they can perfect it for you.

wedding love

Image: PianoFactor wedding setup in the Regent Theatre, Stoke

Ensure you have your wedding entertainment taken care of by professionals so your day can go smoothly. People may not remember a lot of things about your wedding, but they will always remember the music.

10 months to go

Wedding Dress

You might think that it is too early, but you should start looking for your wedding dress.

There are different designers in the market, and you will have to try on different dresses. The entire process can be tasking and to make it easier and more fun, we advise you to go with a close relative or friend. However, you only go with them if they know you well enough to know your style. When trying out your dress, you should have an open mind and do what you want. Your wedding is seen as one of the few days where you are allowed to do anything you want without thinking about what other people will think.

Even when you get the right dress for your wedding, you will have to make alterations between now and the big day. If you intend on going on a crash diet, the alterations will be more.

9 months to go

Wedding Budget

You will probably want to have your loved ones present at your wedding. Now you have to do the hard work of writing down your guest list. While planning your wedding, you have to include your guests as the number will be reflected in the budget.


Speaking of budgets, you should finalise on the approximate budget costs now. That way, you will find out the costs and know the money that goes into different things. If you are not paying for the wedding, having a budget will be necessary to inform your sponsors of the costs that will be incurred during your big day. If you plan on getting additional funding, having a budget will go a long way in giving a good impression that the money will not be wasted.

TIP: Why not save your wedding money in premium bonds – It’s 100% safe and although there is no interest, it’s tax-free and you may end up with a windfall!

8 months to go

Caterers, Florists and Photographers

You must be wondering where the caterers, florists, and photographers come in. Now is the time to gather information on different florists, photographers, and caterers. Get samples of their work and do not forget to look at their reviews.

wedding photographer

When it comes to caterers, you must make sure they can make the meals and cater for the number of people you will have at your wedding. Look at the different wedding packages they have and select the best that falls within the budget. Book the caterers in advance to have them available on your big day.

Wedding decorations are really important. Most brides will have flowers on their big day, and the tastes in flowers vary with each bride. If you plan on having flowers at your wedding, you should ensure that the florist has the flowers and they are arranged in the order you want. You can get a bouquet with different flowers that vary in colour. You should book the florist in advance who will take care of your flower arrangements.

Wedding photographs are a must for every bride. As such, you need a good photographer who will capture the special moments. There are different photographers in the market, and you should get one who has experience in wedding photography. The photographer should have a good reputation, and it is advisable to get recommendations from people close to you.

7 months to go

Honeymoon Planning

There is no wedding without a honeymoon, and this is the right time to make your honeymoon plans. If you are planning on making any name changes, this is the best time to make the applications. Passports should be booked in advance as well as any accommodation plans.

honeymoonImage: British Virgin Islands

At this point, you should consider dressing your bridesmaids and groomsmen. Their clothes should be complimentary to your dress and the theme of the wedding. You can buy their gifts at this point.

6 months to go

Fitness and Beauty

You already chose your dress and now is the right time to start fitting your dress to find out if any alterations need to be made. Your bridesmaids can fit their dresses to see if the clothes are fitting on them.

If you have a beauty regimen or want to get fit, now is the best time to try out that new fitness regime to get your perfect wedding body.

5 months to go

Wedding Gifts

You can start choosing gifts at this point. While choosing wedding gifts, you should consider your guests’ budgets. You should also order your thank you cards at this point that you will send to your guests.

Your wedding invitations should be made at this point since you will soon be sending them to your guests. Most weddings go over the budget so do not worry about spending a few more coins for your day.

4 months to go

Cake and Transport

Everybody loves cake and weddings are a place where cakes must be present. You should sample different cakes at this time and find the one that both of you like. Afterwards, you can order the cake.


You can book transport to the wedding venue and from the wedding venue to the honeymoon destination. Transport is important and should be booked in advance to prevent any delays from occurring.

3 months to go

Wedding rings and Hairstyles

We are almost getting to your big day. With three months to go, you should start fitting wedding rings.

Now is the ideal time to try out different hairstyles to find the right one. You can book your hairdresser and makeup artist at this point. To take care of your face and skin, you should eat a lot of fruits and take water. Ensure you choose a look that reflects who you are and do not exaggerate especially when it comes to make-up.

2 months to go

Send the Invitations

Your wedding invitations can be sent out to your guests. Sending them now will give them ample time to prepare for the wedding. If your wedding is in a distant place, you should send them earlier to give people time to plan for their travels and book accommodation if necessary. Once you send out the invitations, you will have to wait for people to confirm their attendance especially if it is a destination wedding.


Wedding rehearsals should be planned for so you can have a feel of how the real event will be.

1 month to go

Admin, Speeches and dance techniques

After people have confirmed their attendance, you will have an approximate number of guests. Your caterers will need this information for their planning. Sitting plans for guests will be made at this point.

You can apply for your wedding license now to avoid having any legal problems with your wedding.

If your dancing skills are rusty, this is the best time to refresh your skills particularly if you plan on dancing with your other half. Your fiancée should have their dancing fine-tuned to avoid any toe stepping on the dance-floor. Your wedding speech should be ready by this time and the toasts with a clear idea of who will give them.

Remember you have a wedding dress to continue fitting as your big day approaches. You are supposed to try your wedding shoes too so you can feel if they are comfortable enough for your wedding. If any suits and dresses have not been picked, you should arrange to have them picked. The wedding rings should be ready and picked at this point.

One week to go

You can pack for your honeymoon now and have your wedding rehearsal. When it comes to finishing up your preparations, your honeymoon currency should be ready, and all the clothes should be ready. You should be ready for a rainy wedding in case it rains during the day. You can hand over the list of suppliers and other people involved in the wedding preparations to someone you trust.

One day to go

On the eve of your wedding, your nails can be manicured and your face and body pampered. Get a lot of rest and relax. Resting will ensure you look and feel fresh on your big day.


The Big Day

It’s finally here – All your planning is in place so good luck… here we go!

Good luck with your wedding



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