Live Wedding Music

Musical Chills

Everybody loves music and we all know it doesn’t get better than hearing music Live. That feeling you get when you go to a live concert and the hairs on your arms stand up when you hear the band strike up or that chill running down your spine when you hear your favourite song.

Live Wedding Music

Why does this happen?

Well it is proven that music can release dopamine to part of the forebrain activated by addiction, reward, and motivation. Music, it seems, affects our brains in the same way that gambling, chocolate and sex does.

Also, the fact that the musicians are there in front of you performing gives you a visual representation of the music that they are performing, you can see each note and rhythmical phrase been echoed in the musicians movements. This visual scene also excites the brain and can lead to more dopamine being released.

Unpredictability can also contribute to this feeling, after all the music is being performed live in front of you and there is always a slight angst before a long vocal high note or big solo and a fantastic sense of relief when the vocalist or musician nails it!

Finally, when you hear live music it is normally played through a sound system that costs many thousands of pounds and has been perfectly adjusted and setup for the band to bring out the best in their music. The sound pressure can actually send waves of music through your body and this is where you can actually feel the music being performed.

Professional sound system

Choosing Live Wedding Music

Taking the above into consideration it should be a fairly easy task to choose live music for your wedding.

To summarise: A fantastic band, with a great visual aspect, performing your favourite songs on a high quality sound system.

The truth of it is however, there are thousands of bands out there and very few of them meet these simple criteria, a lot of them don’t tick any of the boxes. The good news is that there are also many bands that do tick all the boxes and it is just a matter of putting a bit of time in to find the right band for you.

Finding the right Band for your Wedding

1. Compile a list of your favourite songs.

Take your time and make sure every song that you would like to hear at your wedding is in this list – Not forgetting your first dance song

2. Decide what type of band you would like to hire

Not all wedding bands are the same, you have 2 main types:

  1. Full time bands – Professional bands that do this for a living
  2. Part time bands – That get together in their spare time to perform at gigs

There will be a difference in price at this point, but remember you get what you pay for!

Next you have:

  1. Bands that entertain and like to be in the spotlight and involve the guests
  2. Bands that like to be in the background

The choice is entirely up to you and what you think will suit your big day.

You can then break this down further into:

  1. Cover Bands – Playing music from all genres
  2. Tribute bands – Performing music from one specific artist/genre
  3. Original Bands – Performing their own songs

Again it is down to you, but also think about your guests at this point and what they would like to hear.

Once you have decided on the type of band, write the points down as a starting point for your questions to ask the band.

Live Music affects us

3. Write down some questions to ask the band

Things like: Are they a professional full time band? Do they play music from all genres? Are they entertaining and fun to watch? Can they play the songs on the list that you have made? Will they play the first dance for you? Do they have a good quality sound system with enough power to comfortably handle the number of guests you have? Do they provide music for the breaks? How long do they perform for? Is their setup pleasing to the eye (i.e. neat and tidy without cables strewn everywhere) and of course – Are they available for your wedding date?

Obviously there are many questions that you can ask, so take your time and make sure you cover everything.

4. The search!

If you have a band in mind already that you have seen or been recommended then you can skip this part, but do remember to ask them all the questions that you have set out.

Google is such a powerful tool and perfect for finding bands. Try an use specific search terms rather than just wedding band when using google.

i.e. If you are looking for a professional wedding entertainment then type that in to google. Or if you are looking for wedding bands with the wow factor then type that. Try and be specific to narrow your search down. Also don’t just look at the results on page 1 of the search, continue through a few pages until you find what you are looking for. Make a list of your 5 favourite bands from these searches.


A lot of the search results will be wedding band agencies, now it’s up to you whether you want to go through an agency but just be aware that they will add at least 20% commission on top of the price that the band charges. If you are concerned about terms and conditions, contracts, public liability and PAT testing then any professional band will have this in place anyway – you don’t need to go through an agency to be protected. N.B. part time bands may not have all these things in place.

Live Music

5. The results are in!

So, you have narrowed your search down to 5 bands – Now is the time to contact each band. Use their contact page or booking form to reach out. Just ask them about availability and pricing at this point. Note down how long it takes each band to get back to you.

When each band gets back to you, send them an email with all the questions that you have compiled.


Dear Band-1, thanks for getting back to us with your availability and prices, We have a few questions to ask before my partner and I make a decision on our wedding band. If you could please get back to us, we will go through it and will be in touch shortly.

List you questions here

Many thanks

Future Bride and Groom

Once they have got back to you, it should be easy to pick the most suitable band from your list. Their response time and detail in their answers should be a good indication on their professionalism. If you are struggling to make a final decision then call them up and speak to them personally, you will very quickly get an idea of whom you will choose!

Good luck!

P.S. Make sure you add PianoFactor Wedding Band to your list!!!

PianoFactor Website

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2 Responses

  1. Rich Hearn says:

    Some nice ideas here. Especially with regard to your ‘searching tips’ and the emotional impact of music, which can sometimes be undervalued, but is often cited as being the element most remembered post-event!
    In support of using an agency (*disclaimer – I work for one!), a recent survey we ran suggested that the ‘security of booking’, contracts etc was nowhere near top of the list of booker concerns above ‘personalisation’ and being able to find the right artists to suit your event style. A reputable agency should have expert customer service representatives whose job it is to match up artists to fit exactly the brief provided by the client. The other stuff, secure booking contacts and emergency support should come as standard within any professional booking agreement. Where I feel an agency might be best suited is if a customer has an idea of what they’re after but they would benefit from the experience of an entertainment specialist to guide them towards making the right decision and booking the perfect artist for them.
    I guess it comes down to how much work you want to do yourself and how confident you are that you’ll find what you’re looking for and make the right decision on who to book (a huge majority of our customers are first time bookers!) vs the ease-of-use and personalised service in having someone else do some of that leg work for you! Horses for courses a bit I guess ; )

    • pianofactor says:

      Hi Rich, thank you for your response, everything you say makes complete sense and is certainly of value to add to this post.

      I guess at the end of the day it is down to either paying for an agency to do the work for you or saving yourself £500 or so to spend on other things like upgrading your entertainment package or even being able to afford a band that was a bit out of your price range.

      Everybody is different of course and where some people may want to pay for the convenience of having everything sorted for them, others may like to put in the effort themselves and save money – As you say, horses for courses!

      At the end of the day the most important thing as that the client finds exactly what they are after and that they are completely satisfied with the outcome.

      Maybe you would consider adding PianoFactor to your roster at Alive Network 🙂 Clients will then certainly be able to find the perfect entertainment whichever route they choose!

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