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Planning and setting up corporate events can be very stressful. Most people worry about getting everything done on time. Whether you are a non-profit agency planning a fundraiser, or just planning a large corporate meeting, the task of creating the perfect event can take its toll on most people.

Entertainment for these events is often one of the biggest worries planners have. We have all been to events where the talent was not the greatest. If you are a corporate executive who has the daunting task of planning the next corporate event, then you have come to the right place. In this post, we will present several corporate entertainment ideas that you may want to consider. We’ll start with PianoFactor and tell you what we do.

duelling pianos corporate events

Corporate Entertainment Ideas – Duelling Pianos!

PianoFactor Duelling Pianos

PianoFactor’s Award Winning Duelling Pianos Show focuses on upbeat professional Piano based music coupled with stellar performances and star-studded talent. Our entertainment is second to none and will take your event to a new level. A truly interactive show based on requests made by the audience. This high energy performance will have your guests primed and ready to party in no time!

We put the “Wow” factor in your gala event, charity fundraiser, or corporate event. We are a full-time entertainment business, have a great relationship with our clients and for many of them we provide our entertainment services on an annual basis.

Our clients include:

  • Microsoft
  • Bosch
  • Aston Martin Racing
  • F1 Williams
  • Warner
  • Virgin
  • The Royal Air Force
  • BBC Children in Need

And this is not even an exclusive list of our clients. We have hundreds of people who have told us that we made their event special. Our executive team, Carl and Tom, put 100 percent into every event and work together with their group of talented musicians to produce the perfect act.


For more details about PianoFactor and links to the website, please see the bottom of this article.

Other Entertainment Options

There are many options you could consider for your corporate event. Some of these are listed below. You should consider whether or not the entertainment fits your event so that it fits into the demographic of your targeted audience.

Comedy Waiters


One unique and creative idea for your next corporate event is to hire comedy waiters. This gives you a “roving talent” that will mix and mingle with your audience and increase the level of engagement. This may appeal to a wide variety of your customers and create a relaxed and fun environment similar to dinner theatre.

Classical Music

Classical music playing in the background can serve to create a formal but aesthetically pleasing environment that will be appreciated by your audience. Classical music, unlike vocals, is less intrusive and people can still carry on a conversation without being interrupted.


Many events are made even more special by hiring a ventriloquist. If you get a good one, you’ll have the audience in stitches. You could consult with the talent beforehand so that he or she would know the names in advance of your event to call out in the middle of the act. This will make it more personal and create a fun atmosphere for participants.

Jugglers or Magicians


Magicians and jugglers can add spice to the room that wakes people up and gets them involved in the occasion. You can have them perform either during or after dinner and have them ask for participants from the audience to engage people. Jugglers can keep a crowd laughing and amazed as they juggle multiple objects such as bowling pins, Frisbees, and balls. Then, have them throw some of the objects out to the audience as an added perk.

Motivational Speakers/Authors

Motivational speakers are always a good idea to have at a formal corporate event or fundraiser. What better way to engage your audience than to inspire them to action in the setting of your corporate event.

People can be greatly enriched by the guest speaker, and you could even have an author who has written books to hand out and autograph copies of their book afterward.

The only drawback to a motivational speaker is that your employees may feel that it is no different from a normal company meeting. While many may enjoy hearing a keynote speaker and getting involved in the tidbits of motivation and knowledge they impart to the crowd, some may become bored unless it is a speaker of particularly interesting personality traits. If the speaker is funny and has a good sense of humour, it may increase the level of engagement and interest.


If you want to make a splash, try having a professional hypnotist. They can engage an audience by performing a group hypnosis over the crowd or have them ask for a volunteer from the audience to come to the stage for an example.

Ballroom Dancing


One event that some people like to host is a ballroom dancing event. You can carry this out in any way you want. You would just need to rent a space that is large enough to hold several people. The floor is a consideration, and you should ensure that it will be conducive to the dance environment. Then you’ll need to think about whether you need an “MC” to host the event.

Finding a host for a ballroom dancing event may not be easy. It is not the most popular type of entertainment, but it is a unique idea.

Square Dancing


Square Dancing involves eight people dancing as a group. You can invite couples, set up a country scene, and invite people to wear square dancing attire. Traditional square dancing originates in the USA and involves wearing loose, comfortable clothes such as crinoline, a bouffant skirt, a tutu, a can-can or a pettiskirt and pair them with low, smooth-soled shoes.

Line dancing is also very popular and can be enjoyed by many people. It also allows people to talk to and mingle with others as they dance and create a fun atmosphere. Better yet, you neither have to dance with one partner all night, nor with unfamiliar people in the room. You have seven other partners within the group to dance with.

The problem with square dance events is that it often does not fit the theme of your corporate event. It may also not fit your primary demographic, which is largely a more elite than “down home or country.” It is “fun, really” but it is not very classy. There is certainly nothing wrong with this idea, but unless you run a Barbeque business or other similar country-themed business, this one could backfire on you. You run the risk of creating a less dignified setting that some corporate or donors might find offensive or flippant.

Hire a Comedian

Hiring a comedian can be a fun idea. You could get with the comedian beforehand and have them come up with some quips and digs about one of your corporate partners or someone who is a part of your corporation. This especially works well if it is someone of high esteem who people normally feel compelled to show a great deal of respect for.

If you are well connected with the entertainment industry, perhaps you can get someone who has a sense of your audience who can write and deliver jokes and stunts that your audience will enjoy.

Put on a Play

Some companies choose to put on their play or musical production at a corporate event or gala. For this idea, you would just have to consider carefully whether you have the manpower to carry out such a feat. Do you have staff members who can handle this in an efficient manner that will entertain your audience?

Unless you are prepared to hire outside help or have the staff to carry this out, it could be a disaster. Let’s face it. You’re not in the business of entertainment. You don’t have the time to schedule auditions, practice sessions, dress rehearsals, and performances for a full-scale play. Perhaps shorter skits could be carried out in a similar fashion. But it will cost you money also, without knowing the result.

Hire an Opera Singer


Hiring an opera singer could be an interesting change. Imagine buxom ladies raising the rafters as glasses shatter while guests are finishing their dinner. This can certainly bring down the house in many cases (perhaps even literally) and many of your high-class donors or corporate sponsors may like it.

But opera is so loud that it may distract some people who are talking about the event or even cause annoyance on the part of some of your participants. If you were to do a survey on the number of people who prefer opera, you might find it’s a bit on the low end. Think carefully about the type of corporate entertainment ideas you decide upon.

It does appeal to a certain group of people, but the statistics show that the number of people who prefer opera is around 50 percent. This means that half of your audience may be ready to leave before you can present the good stuff. Knowing this, it might not be worth the risk!

Gamification of Your Event

One idea some people choose to do, especially for weddings or fundraisers, is to gamify the scenario. Gamification is applying the concept of game design techniques and mechanics to boost engaging and interest level of your audience. It involves integrating an already existing game mechanics with the aim of motivating participation, engagement, and loyalty

But what sort of games will you have? It is hard to fit a game scenario into a formal event like a charity fundraiser or corporate event. A wedding is somewhat understandable since the bride and groom are celebrating a special day, and everyone is in a good mood. But games may not fit the persona of your formal event. So you would have to think long and hard about what kinds of games you are putting in your occasion and whether your audience would respond well to the idea.

You would also need to know what types of games to include in such a formal setting. There are many fun games that you might be tempted to include, but most might be thought of as childish or inappropriate in such settings.

Know Your Audience

The most important thing when planning your special event is to choose entertainment based on your target audience. If you understand the demographic of your audience that will be in attendance, you will be less likely to disappoint people and have something that they will enjoy.

Below are some tips for finding great ideas for corporate events or fundraiser.

Tips for Finding the Best Entertainment for your Corporate Event

  1. Know your demographics and target audience.
  2. Understand the outcome you expect.
  3. Understand the type of corporate event you are hosting.

The Best Choice

Remembering that you cannot please “all people at all times,” you still need to come as close as you possibly can. You want to avoid situations where you might accidentally offend important people, abstain from comments that might make a bad impression of your business, and choose entertainment that you can trust and will make their evening enjoyable and relaxed.


At PianoFactor we offer the WOW Factor when it comes to entertainment. Our business revolves around people and we provide professional and fun entertainment for every audience. We tailor our shows to fit our client’s needs, with flexible schedules, additional musicians, instruments and singers if requested. Our shows are designed to entertain and we really get the audience involved in the show.

Spend some time looking at our videos. These will give you a great example of what is in store for your event.

Whatever genre of music you are drawn to, our musical team are ready for you. For that next gala, corporate event, charity event, or any other large gathering, plan your entertainment through PianoFactor. Build your confidence by bringing our professionals to your next event.

PianoFactor is a name you can trust, we want your special evening to be something people talk about for years. Let us bring our class, talent and prestige to your event.

For more information, and to get your next event plans started, contact us and we will be more than happy to help you plan the best event of the year.

Visit the PianoFactor Website


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