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When it comes to throwing a great Christmas party for your company or co-workers then choosing the right entertainment is key. It’s all too common that companies blow the budget on a plush location and heaps of tantalising food and completely forget about the entertainment until the last minute. Not only will the small amount of budget remaining leave you with slim pickings for entertainment but you may also find that leaving it too late will mean that the entertainment than you can find will already be booked for a Christmas party somewhere else.


Picture this: You arrive at a stunning venue, with twinkling lights leading the way into the function room. You are served with cold Sparkling Champagne on entry, treated to a vast selection of horderves on the way to the table and then presented by a 5 course meal and endless glasses of choice wines. Sounds Great so far…. The meal ends and a DJ in his late 60’s with a fluffy microphone announces “it’s time to get up and dance” as he cues in “the birdie song”. All of a sudden, the evening comes to a tremendous STOP. The guests head to the bar to get away from the appalling music and very quickly decide that they probably want to be somewhere else…. Before you know it the room will be empty and the party over.


Generally, people have a very good perception of what is quality and what is not. We all know what great food tastes like, we all appreciate a good wine and similarly we all know whether the entertainment is quality or not. I once overheard an event co-ordinator say “just get some cheap entertainment in, by the time it comes on the guests won’t really care…” This couldn’t be further from the truth because the moment at which the entertainment commences, is the point where everybody does care and want to let their hair down and have a good time.

Don’t get me wrong here, I am not saying blow your budget on entertainment and sacrifice on good food and drinks. What I am trying to get across is: Find a balance, budget to provide quality in all areas of your event. If the food and drinks are taking up most of the budget then cut down on a few things and put the money to better use. Consistency is key, it is all about the complete experience and not just one aspect.


Book entertainment that everybody will enjoy:
We don’t all like the same things and this especially applies to musical tastes. If you book a band then make certain they are versatile and play a wide selection of music and unless you have a very specific theme, tribute bands are not recommended.

Book early:
Christmas is a very busy time in the world of entertainment. Quality acts are getting booked up at least a year in advance.

Be smart:
Have a chat with a few entertainment providers before you make your choice. Find out more about their services and what they can do for you and your Christmas party. Are they flexible on timings and are they prepared to join in with a theme you have created? Talk to them about previous clients and ask them for a reference or two. You will soon get a sense whether or not they are going to fit in with you and your guests.


Good luck in your search for your Christmas Party Entertainment, there are many quality acts out there, take your time and budget wisely and you will soon be enjoying the Christmas Party that everybody is talking about!

by Carl Williams – CEO PianoFactor

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