Cambridge Drum Company

We are very pleased to have a new member in the PianoFactor family – A fabulous custom built drum kit courtesy of the Cambridge Drum Company.

In 2014 our drummer, Tom Toggle, inaugurated meetings with the Cambridge Drum Company and was promptly taken on board as an advisor. His advice, input and knowledge has since been of great value to them.

During Late 2014, the company were in the final development stages of building a prototype kit which was due to be road tested. The kit was taken on the road with PianoFactor and got hammered and beaten by Tom during 21 gigs in December. The kit was a huge success and withstood the rigours of the road and Tom’s hard hand! I must say, the sound of the kit was fabulous, a deep rounded bottom end and a fast attack and bright sounding Toms. There was plenty of power to the kit, but a controlled sound perfectly suited for use in a live environment.


During the testing period, Tom noted any imperfections in the design and any changes that needed to be made to the kit were carefully documented. In January 2015, the kit was returned to CDC along with the notes. Shortly afterwards, Tom received a call from Ian Croft (CEO of The Cambridge Drum Company) thanking Tom for a superb job. After the phone call, Tom was grinning from ear to ear and was itching to tell me something:- “They are going to build a kit for PianoFactor” he exclaimed, “What colour?” I asked , “Any colour we want!”, “Which type of wood?”, “Any type of wood we want!”, “Drum sizes?”, “Any Size we….” you get the picture. By this point, I too was pretty excited!

A stunning drum kit

April 2015 – The new PianoFactor Kit, in Piano White and all the trimmings had been built. The kit looked stunning…


April 23rd 2015 – Tom configured the new kit onto a rack and the PianoFactor Logo was added


Going Live

April 24th 2015 – First live appearance for the new kit at Becky and Adam’s wedding at Deer Park Hall. The kit was a huge success and sounded even better than the Prototype. It looked amazing on stage alongside the white baby grand pianos. I feel very privileged to have had a kit designed specifically for PianoFactor. Tom and CDC have done us proud – A huge thank you to all involved in the process. I can’t wait until the next gig..

Carl Williams – CEO PianoFactor10845666_1453568898267761_5795805554419180245_o

Visit Tom Toggle on Facebook and feel free to ask about the drums and drum lessons

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